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April 2020


8 New Normal Ways of Being in the World.

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May 2020

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Freedom Day

The day South Africans stood silently, peacefully, excitedly in lines, to make a small mark, to achieve an almighty freedom.

On this anniversary, I’m seeking today, where I have freedom. And I hear the word Choice. I have freedom of choice.  I think things, I feel things, I say things, I do things, I make things, I believe in things, I tell my kids things,  and I dream about things. And for each of those things I have choice.

In our homes today, and every day, we have freedoms that are ours to take! And each choice will give rise to a different scenario.  Thus, we create personality, norms, culture and community.

When we emerge, and we have begun,  I will have given time, heart, commitment, excitement to how I choose to exercise my freedom of choice.   My new normal, within humanity, that is free.

We are currently yielding anther almighty freedom via our choices on - what to think, to say, to do. What to build, to live for, to love for. To play for.

Irony has held centre stage.  The very personality of Freedom.


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