Simon’s Town to Scarborough / Scarborough to Simon’s Town



A chaperone is recommended for the entire route.

Faizel Adams +27 63 263 0521

Invite other pilgrims/locals from Cape Town to escort you by connecting on the Camino SA Forum Facebook group


From Simon’s Town, the route becomes peri-urban, sweeping past Cape Point, rich with indigenous flora and fauna. You need to be cautious of the baboon troop who make these mountains their home, but there are usually baboon monitors around who will advise that the baboons will only be interested in you if you are eating something. Even food in your bag should be safe, they say. but, it’s always a good idea to keep a watchful eye.


Tips when encountering baboons


 ~ Do not carry any food or water bottles in your hands.
~ Walk with confidence and remain calm at all times.

~ Do not scream while the baboons are moving past.
~ The baboons are not there to harm you.


Baboon hotline 071 588 6540


The roadside is narrow so single file walking is essential. As you round the corner the Atlantic Ocean is visible and on either side of the road are vast stretches of fynbos. The road will widen, creating a broad, gravel shoulder to walk on.


How to plan this Leg


1. Open Google Maps  of the route (view map below or open in your App). 


2. Look for 'Cape Buchu Leg 3' Maroon line.


3. Once you've located the Leg, find Camino sacred spaces, accommodation, stamp locations, food stops, and chaperones. Book directly with them and remember to tell them you're on Camino. They will stamp your passport, sign it Cape Camino and write the date.


4. Get your Camino Experience Kit to proudly walk the route and to receive your certificate of completion at the end.

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