What about safety?

This is most pilgrims first question. This is what we have put in place:

A Camino is by definition a way to take back our spaces from any unwanted elements. It is a way that the broader society can feel free to be outside, in nature and left to enjoy their experiences. The broader community knows this and have a protective attitude to those on Camino, and support and care for our visiting Pilgrims. Make this status clear with your bag tag and any other Camino signatures such as a Cape Camino T shirt.  


Any package that you take we designate you a local chaperone. These individuals are from the communities that are hosting you, and are very familiar with the comings and goings of local life.  They are trained to leave you alone if you are wanting a reflective experience or answer any questions that you may have when asked.


The people of Cape Town and the rural areas of the Western Cape have reached a nil tolerance attitude to the crime we have been experiencing and civil groups have organised themselves to protect walkers.

Please contact these group and inform them of your times and route:

Take Back Our Mountain Facebook Group

Muizenberg Police 021 787 9000

SANParks emergency number 0861 106 417

Cape Town Tourism 021 478 6800


A Camino is not a hike. We stick with per urban routes and along farm roads.


Your attitude: Be careful but try not to be fear filled. If you do not trust a route then don’t go down it . Walk with the Spirit of Camino; curious, respectful and open minded. All journeys have purpose, challenges and triumphs.  Be mindful of yours. . It is always a good idea, generally, not to flaunt wealth in public spaces so be sensible and walk with confidence.

In the 5 years we have been operating we have never had a single incident.

Can children walk the Cape Camino?

Yes, but they need to be supervised. We suggest a minimum age of 12.

Pilgrims can adapt distances to suit their kid’s fitness and age. Full Legs can be broken up into two parts. 

We can tailor-make packages to suit families with children. Or, include a transport service for children and the baby-sitter to accommodation/lunch spots each day. Contact us about your family participating in Cape Camino. 

Where do I leave my car? 

We suggest getting dropped off at the start point of Your Camino by either a transport service, a friend or another pilgrim. If you have to take a car you will need to decide where the best place is to leave it. 

A suggestion for the peninsula route is in Schoenstatt Avenue in Constantia. This is a quiet road and friendly suburb.

The country route hosts are all quite relaxed about leaving cars at their establishments. If you start in Wellington at oude Wellington you are welcome to leave your car there. 

What about laundry?

Speak to your accommodation establishments about laundry, most of them have this service available. Many country route hosts provide clothes racks for drying clothes. 

Can I bring alcohol along?

You are welcome to. However please limit the amount. For two reasons: being fresh and ready for an early start and if you are walking the country route and your package includes porterage, then for limited space in the porter service. 

What about transport?

We do not offer a transport service back to your car or pick up from the airport. You can contact Christo on +27 78 706 9560 or Hendrik on +27 84 793 3340. 

Or we suggest Uber.

How do I walk the Cape Camino?

See the WALK page on how to get walking.

How do I purchase a package?


On the WALK page you scroll down to the packages section and choose your package. Payment options include credit/debit card facilities and EFT payment. 


Who's responsibility is it if something gets lost or someone gets hurt on the route? 


Yours. Each and every pilgrim is responsible for their own wellbeing and their own belongings. Take care with your gear and with walking the route. Look out for snakes, baboons and slippery areas. Cape Camino is not a company, but rather a community owned initiative. It is an attraction to the Western Cape, not a tour business. Our team may assist you organise a Camino but cannot be held responsible, nor will our partners be, for any incident that may occur. The route is a public space and it is up to you to look out for yourself. See T's&C's. 



Is this a slack packing experience?


Not usually. A Camino is a personal journey and many feel the need to carry their own belongings. It signifies strength and simplicity. 'all we need is what's on our backs'. 

Our peninsula packages and the budget country route package do not include porterage. However the standard country route package includes portergae. We advise 1 bag per person.

Extra snacks on the country route

Our standard country route package includes 2 meals per day. These are simple and modest meals usually containing a meat, a veg and a carb. It has always been enough and pilgrims are not underfed. If you are a fussy eater we recommend bringing your own snacks (nuts, dried fruit, health bars, crackers etc). The country route does not offer many opportunities for shopping. 

What is a home stay/farm stay?

The country route, in particular, offers many farm stays and home stays. These are pilgrim establishments where the owner has opened up their home to accommodate the Cape Camino route running through their area. Sometimes you will share a bathroom with the family. Most times you will share a room with other pilgrims. The experience can be compared to Airbnb.

Is the route open all year round?

The country route is closed from mid Dec to early March. The peninsula route is open all year. 

When's the best time to walk?

Country route from April to November.

Peninsula route all year.

Covid 19 Guidelines 

~ Small groups over the set date Caminos.

~ Chaperones will follow health and safety precautions (face masks, sanitisers etc)

~ Accommodation partners will make extra effort to offer clean, safe spaces.

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