Seal Island Leg / Views of the Bay

Also on the 'Community Way'


The Karbonkelberg Extension is an example of how Cape Camino grows organically and offers prosperous opportunities to those on the route.


Brent Thomas and his wife, Donita Pokpas, were without much work and 'depressed' as they put it. They started to chaperone for Cape Camino and realized their potential for showcasing their community, the Karbonkelberg mountain and the sacred way of the Khoi. 


Brent is now a qualified nature guide and operates Karbonkelberg Tours.

He is incredibly knowledgable on the First People and passionate about his community and nature.


This Leg must be walked with Brent and he offers a range of walks and other experiences like tastings. Contact him to find out which suits you. 


Brent Thomas, Karbonkelberg. +27 84 099 6601. 


How to plan this Leg


1. Open Google Maps of the route (view map below or open in your Google Maps App). 


2. Look for 'Karbonkelberg Leg 6' Orange line.


3. Once you've located the Leg, find Camino sacred spaces, accommodation, stamp locations, food stops, and chaperones. Book directly Brent Thomas and the other partners and remember to tell them you're on Camino. Brent will stamp your passport, sign it Cape Camino and write the date. 


4. Get your Camino Experience Kit to proudly walk the route. 

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