A National Assest

Cape Camino® aims to improve peoples lives through personal growth, deep thinking and a sense of adventure. Furthermore bringing wealth, opportunities and power to local communities and small business.


A Camino is a National Asset. It is a dynamic and organic unfolding of new routes, new sacred spaces and service providers as the locals embrace this new idea, participate and take ownership. 


The concept brings an ethos of respect for our diversity and sacred ways home to South Africa. We promote slow travel and responsible tourism. 

Cape Camino firmly believes in supporting small/medium, family-run, local establishments and the revenue generated goes directly to the communities, which creates employment and business sustainability. On a typical 7 day Camino, 45 small businesses are supported. 


The staff of Cape Camino have been facilitating this unfolding concept, over the last eight years voluntarily. And do incur ongoing expenses. Our products are ways for pilgrims to assist us with these costs and we ask that you purchase them with this in mind.

Your Camino is a very personal event. It is all about you: your needs, motivations and inspirations. The journey has purpose and intention for you and you alone. This is what sets it apart from a hike or a walk. We have organized for you, to the best of our ability, access to information to assist you with your journey. But it remains your journey and your responsibility to use the experience to best maximize your intentions.

Cape Camino is a registered trademark.

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Media Features

Mother & Daughter Team 

Gabrielle Mary Andrew

A born, bred and buttered South African. I have total faith that this country is great in every way. We have endured the heart wrenching pain of separateness; the greatest lie in all humanity. And now, we shall overcome, we shall triumph, together.


My skill is facilitation and my goal is to facilitate consensus within our powerful diversity. We have the same needs of decency and respect. The same needs for shelter,  employment and safety.  We need to hear our own voices, our history, our visions for the future. We all need spaces to play and work and worship.  And it is in these spaces of worship that we find Grace.


A Camino is a route of Grace, offering opportunities to satisfy and fulfil our needs. So to facilitate this project is a delight and privilege for me.


I am a Cape Townian, come from a large socially active family, and have two magnificent children. My son Henry is a gaming fanatic, and my daughter, Peggy, works with me on Camino. A rare and heartfelt privilege.  

I am 57 years old and live in Hopefield with my dog, Little Jock.


I believe in travel, not just in seeing other places, but feeling them.


Walking the Camino de Santiago in 2011 opened up a new perspective for me: 

That expectations will often not be met, but that’s OK. 

That very unlikely people can connect, and what a thrill that is. 

That new experiences are good for my soul.


Our local South African Camino route, the Cape Camino, aims to bring the essence of pilgrimage to our beautiful country.



Peggy Coetzee-Andrew