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These dates have been chosen by pilgrims and you are invited to join

Join these Caminos in 2023, for any number of days along any section.

To book: choose your days and add your start place and start date.

If these dates don't suit you, choose your own dates and add them to this list.

Upcoming Caminos

18 - 25 Oct

Wellington - Tulbagh (Winelands)

12 - 18 Nov

Wellington Hills - Gouda (Winelands)

15 - 23 Nov

Dwarskersbos - Langebaan

West Coast (with an extra night in Paternoster to explore the town)

27 Dec - 2 Jan

Velddrif - Langebaan (West Coast)

Holiday Season Camino

22-29 March 2024

Wellington Hills - Tulbagh (Winelands)

15 - 20 September 2024

Aurora - St Helena Bay (Sandveld and Strand)

This is for solo pilgrims, small groups of pilgrims, and those wanting to walk the route with others.

If these dates don't suit you and you'd still like to walk with others, then choose your own dates and section and we will add them to the above list. Simply complete a contact form here.

Click on the links below to view the Leg profile and read more about each day. Please give it a second or two to load.

Winelands Sections Begins

Day 0

Meet your hosts in Wellington Hills at Cascade Manor

Day 1

Wellington Hills to Wellington Town. 14 km.

Day 2

Wellington Town to Wellington Countryside. 23 km.

Day 3

Wellington Countryside to Hermon. 27 km.

Day 4

Hermon to Riebeek Kasteel. 17 km.

Day 5

Riebeek Kasteel to Gouda. 23 km.

Day 6

Gouda to Tulbagh Weg/Tulbagh Town. 12 km / 20 km.

Day 7

Tulbagh Weg/Tulbagh Town to Oudekloof Wine Estate. 20 km / 12 km.

Farmlands Section Begins

Day 8

Oudekloof Wine Estate to Sandvlei Farm. 26 km.

Day 9

Sandvlei Farm to Nuwefontein Farm. 16 km.

Day 10

Nuwefontein Farm to Soutkloof. 22 km.

Day 11

Soutkloof to Koringberg. 10 km.

Day 12

Community Section Begins

Koringberg to Wittewater. 20 km. Community stay.

Day 13

Wittewater to Goedverwacht. 14 km. Community stay.

Day 14

Goedverwacht to Kapteinskloof Guesthouse (transported after a day spent in Goedverwacht). 16-23 km.

Day 15

Kapteinskloof to Aurora. 22 km.

Sandveld & Strand Section Begins

Day 16

Aurora to Redelinghuys countryside. 20 km.

Day 17

Redelinghuys countryside to Redelinghuys. 14 km.

Day 18

Redelinghuys to Klarefontein. 16 km.

Day 19

Klarefontein to Elands Bay. 26 km.

Day 20

Elands Bay to West Coast. 28 km.

Day 21

Fork West to Dwarskersbos. 21 km.

Day 22

Dwarskersbos to Laaiplek/Velddrif. 10km / 15 km.

Day 23

Velddrif to Schaftplaas with boat trip. 23 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 24

Schaftplaas to Hopefield. 20 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 25

West Coast section begins

Alegria to St Helena Bay. 18 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 26

St Helena Bay to Paternoster. 23 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 27

Paternoster to Jacobs Bay. 20 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 28

Jacobs Bay to Saldanha Bay. 14 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 29

Saldanha Bay to Langebaan. 20 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 30

Langebaan Pumpkin House. 18 km. (still to be profiled)

Day 31

Peninsula Section Begins

Transport to Newlands, explore Newlands.

Day 32

Newlands to Constantia. 14 km.

Day 33

Constantia to Muizenberg. 20 km.

Day 34

Muizenberg to Simon’s Town. 23 km.

Day 35

Simon’s Town to Scarborough. 25 km.

Day 36

Scarborough to Hout Bay. 18 km.

Day 37

Brent Thomas Karbonkelberg Leg

Day 38

Hout Bay to Green Point / Table Mountain. 14 / 20 km.

Day 39

Explore Cape Town City and Table Mountain.

Day 40



Take note of the sections (Winelands, Farmlands, Community, Sandveld and Strand, Langebaan, Peninsula).

Route Overview

This route begins in the Winelands of Wellington, Riebeek Kasteel and Tulbagh. Set nearby and alongside the Limietberge: rich soils, expansive valleys; nurseries to some of the finest wines in the world. Vineyards, olives, and Cape Dutch architecture!

After the Winelands, the Berg River provides life-giving water to a range of farming practices as well as the three Moravian communities all along the Piketberge. This is a unique and special section to explore. Four farmers on or near the river host the first four days from their farm homes - converted styles and other farm buildings. And two of the Moravian Church settlements are still home to communities of the church. The third has been sold and converted into a family homestead.

The quaint West Coast town of Aurora acts as the gatekeeper to the third section - the harsh and beautiful Sandveld and Strand. Not for the faint-hearted, these long stretches provide passage over the hills and into Redelinghuys. From there the route heads to the coast and hugs it for three majestic days of beach - some stretches inaccessible to the public.

The Cape Peninsula - 14 different sacred ways practiced; historical and architectural wealth. Social diversity. Culture and music and Cape Town vibes! And yet STILL with huge natural wildernesses: mountain slopes, deep wild waters, beaches, forests, fynbos, birds, whales, dolphins, baboons.

Included in Winelands, Farmlands & Community, Sandveld & Strand, West Coast Ways

Chaperones, guesthouse/home stay/farm stay/guest farm/private accommodation, 2 meals per day (breakfast and supper), luggage transfer, Camino passport and branded gear (t-shirt, buff, bag-tag)

Included in Peninsula Way

Chaperones, guesthouse/private/home stay/backpackers accommodation, breakfasts, entrance to the community of Westlake, scenic drive over Chapman's Peak, Camino passport and branded gear (t-shirt, buff, bag-tag)

Excluded: transport to/from the start/finish, transport between Langebaan and Newlands, meals other than stated, luggage transfer for Peninsula section, beverages other than what the hosts provide.

Please note the difference in what is included for the different routes.

Solo pilgrims welcome.

Private room upgrades available- where possible.

Groups are between 6-10.

Pilgrims receive a fitness guide, general information, packing lists and itineraries upon booking.

About Logistics

Since many of the hosts are the only stopover in the region, itineraries are designed to include services that would otherwise be difficult for the pilgrim to arrange.

In areas where there are many shops, pilgrims are encouraged to explore local villages- equipping themselves with anything they may need for their journey.

Accommodation is pre-arranged at different hosts each day.

Most days are chaperoned and when there is no chaperone the route is easy to navigate and safe. Parts of the Sandveld and Langebaan sections do not include chaperones.

Once pilgrims have made a booking with the administration office, the hosts on the route become the pilgrim’s first point of call on Camino. Contact details are put into the itinerary.

Please note: Cape Camino is a pilgrimage route, and our services are to assist you with your logistics. You are responsible for your own experiences. This includes interactions with hosts. We encourage you to do your own research on the area and on the sacred spaces you would like to visit, to make the journey your own and find your space on Camino.

Difficulty and terrain

See the FAQ section on our About Page.

Training: necessary and recommended. Incline and long distance walking with distances longer than 15km-20km per week need to be included in your training program. If you have health issues we recommend you take extra precaution. Pilgrims need to have a base level fitness for this Camino.

Pilgrims are welcome to get a lift with their host's luggage transfer service on days they feel they need a break.


Accommodation establishments may change.
Distances vary. We have measured them many times and each time they are slightly different. This is due to the walking style and App being used.

Cancellation Policy

Cape Camino hosts and suppliers are all small business owners and are paid in advance. While we understand emergencies happen last minute we cannot guarantee a refund for cancellations. Full refunds are only available when cancellation is done a minimum one month prior to the start date. Pilgrims have the option of filling their space or postponing within a 3 month period (with consent from hosts regarding new date) when cancellation is done two weeks or more before the start of their Camino.

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